Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Everyone says that between Thanksgiving and New Years is "engagement season".  So that means a buuuunch of people are planning their weddings right now. If you're thinking about a photobooth, I wanted to share my experience in case it helps at all!
 Like I mentioned in my last post, we didn't have a professional photographer at our wedding reception. Instead we decided to put money towards a photobooth- which seriously paid off.

I found Meir Photography on Thumbtack, and after meeting Greg in person, I knew they were they company we had to go with. He had all the options and pricing so clearly laid out- no sneaky hidden fees or costs..plus we could personalize the strips with our wedding hashtag for free. We chose to have an "open air" photobooth (rather than enclosed) so that more people could fit in it, and others could enjoy watching people pose and be ridiculous!

The night of our party one of Greg's team members set up the booth insanely quickly- and had a TON of props for everyone to use- from hats to signs to glasses. One thing a heard from a bunch of people was that this was the best photobooth they'd ever been to at a wedding because EVERYONE in the photo got a copy of the photostrip! Even if there were 10 people, every single person got a copy.

The booth attendant also printed out an extra copy to be glued into a photobook where people could write down well wishes and notes to us. We were so busy the night of we didn't really realize how many people used it-so when we looked through it the next day we were completely floored.

We had endless pages of hilarious pictures and notes from our friends and family. As the night went on (and the beer went n) the comments got funnier and funnier. We've shared it with a bunch of people and have gone through it ourselves aboutttt 20 times.

Whether you're looking to capture photos from the night in a way that's more affordable that a full photographer- or are able to have a photobooth on top of a photographer, make sure you find someone you can trust and understands what you're looking  for in the night. If you're in the Madison/Sun Prairie area and are thinking about a photobooth- we seriously can't recommend Meir Photography enough.

Did you have a photobooth at your wedding- or are you planning to have one?
What was your favorite part about it?

xo, laura

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